Tax refunds have been well advertised amongst the Armed Forces.  Service personnel are receiving the money that they are entitled to, however this is coming at a great cost to the individual (30%).  At Beechwood Accounting we offer the same service as RIFT and other companies but charge only 15% of any refund received. I am currently a serving member of the Army with over 20 years of HR experience within the AGC(SPS).

I can verify your details much easier than the other companies to ensure all refunds are processed correctly preventing claims being paid incorrectly and reducing the requirement to repay claims back to HMRC.  We will never allow your claim to affect your tax code as this can create additional problems.

Tax Refunds are often processed incorrectly which can affect individuals for years.

Complete your details below to see if you are entitled, you have nothing to lose but more to gain by using Beechwood Accounting.

Have you completed phase 1 training?


Have you been posted to the same base for under 2 years?


Did you use your own vehicle or public transport to get to these bases?